Monday, 18 July 2011

Our weekend

Happy Monday loves!

Everyone have a good weekend? The highlight of ours was definitely Emma's birthday! We got to enjoy a great dinner with everyone (without Benjamin, which was great but also really hard, ha ha). Who knew it would be so tough leaving our little man behind!

Today is officially Emma's birthday, happy birthday Emma!!!! Here are a few pics from our night out.






YES, she got an iPad. And yes, I'm going to steal it from her.



18Jul11 (75)_picnik

Yes, there was an elephant theme. Emma loves her elephants!

And sadly I didn't get a good shot of her opening our gift, but I can tell you that it was Coach and it was pretty :)


We also got to visit my amazing Grandma. She is doing SO well, that woman is a fighter. We brought her some roses and a stack of Benjamin pictures, and she got to give him about a thousand little kisses. She also gave me a gift for Benjamin, a beautiful gold Claddagh Ring for when he's older. Everyone in our family has one, usually given to them from someone else in the family, and she wanted to make sure he had one as well.

I just love her :)



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