Monday, 4 July 2011

A weekend post

Happy Monday loves!

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day weekend...saw fireworks, had barbeques, that sort of thing. I kept rather busy this weekend, and have started the week with a to-do list a mile long (no surprise here). I took a few pictures along the way, it was a great one!

Saturday was spent with Rach and Ben in the garden. We have both been working on projects and needed to brainstorm on things together, it was amazing! And as you can see, we had all of the requirements of a good pow wow: notepads, fresh fruit,iPhones and Benjamin.

weekend4Jul11 (2)2

weekend4Jul11 (3)2

Aunty Rach got in her snuggles too of course. He loves her VERY much.

weekend4Jul11 (4)2

weekend4Jul11 (5)2

I made the Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp and it was insanely yummy. There are zero leftovers. You should make this.

weekend4Jul11 (7)2

Saturday night was spent desperately trying to capture a smile on camera. No dice. But take our word for it that there were smiles in between about 47 takes.

weekend4Jul11 (6)2

A quick bath on Sunday to cool the baby off. Benjamin loves his baths :)

weekend4Jul11 (9)2

The start of a little project. Looks terrible now I realize...but in about two weeks should look great! After pictures to follow, naturally.

4Jul11 (6)2

We ended things off watching True Blood along with some father son snuggles.

weekend4Jul11 (8)2

Lots of them. ♥



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