Monday, 22 August 2011

Our weekend, in photos

Monday once again, where DOES the time go? Hope everyone had a great weekend...ours was perfect. Got lots of things crossed off my to-do list, ate lots of ice cream, and got lots of snuggle time in with the boys.


I love love love this picture. My little family. ♥

Oh Billy, this kills me every time. He used to do this on a regular basis with the pets (he would often hold them up so you just see a cat's head peeking around a corner at you), but now it's Ben's turn. Could not stop laughing at this.


Daddy snuggles!


Tried the sushi that I mentioned last week at the place around the corner. Amazing! Will be tough not to make that a weekly indulgence. And yes, I'm tame in my selection (no actual fish for me). 

Note: the spring rolls weren't the case you decide to give this place a try.


Um, it's seriously time for a hair cut. Good grief. 


Chins! And looking up adoringly at daddy ♥


This kid loves his baths. 


Benjamin is turning out to be a very not only pretty photogenic (if I do say so myself), but rather into the whole photo shoot thing. He really is my child. This last pic is a sneak peak of some amazing pics I took of him, I'll be posting them a little later this week!

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