Monday, 19 September 2011

Emmy's 2011 - The best dressed, and the weird Julianna Margulies dress

I love to do a little best-dressed list after an award show, but before I get to that I have some questions. Questions that are popping into my head during pretty muich every award show.
  1. Why are people so into Heidi and Seal? Are there really big fans out there of 'Kiss from a Rose'? 
  2. Are the Glee kids multiplying? Do they really need to take up 90% of everything on television?
  3. Why do Will Arnett and Amy Poehler not have a reality show? 
  4. Is there anything that Ryan Seacrest is not the producer of?
  5. Why does Chris Martin never go anywhere with Gwyneth? I mean, come on man. Snob.
  6. Will I ever stop hoping to see Brad and Jen walk down the red carpet?
Ok, so on to the fashion. These were my favs.

Emily.I am a big Emily fan anyway, but this dress is just so lovely. Her stylist is awesome.


This Glee girl. Don't watch the show, but this dress looks cool. Weird shoulders, yes, but I think they're working for her. 


Evan. I have not embraced the ultra short rather strange hair...but the dress is lovely.


Elisabeth. I lover her on Mad Men, but she always looks so drab. This is a nice change.


This girl. No clue who she is or what she does, but I  love this dress. 


As for my least favourite, that goes hands down to Julianna Margulues. Just awful. This weird glass bubble things. I don't get it. Sorry Armani.


All images via Just Jared

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1 comment:

  1. I grudgingly admit that I like the glee girl dress but I can't stand that girl and all her fake posing and lip pursing. Ugh.
    As for Julianna's dress, it looks like a body cast to me.

    Emily - gorgeous - beautiful dress - simple jewelry. Why don't we go anywhere where we can dress like this??


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