Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The new upholstered bed...is done!

This is officially my favourite DIY project that I have taken on EVER. It was probably the most work (but not even that bad), but I feel like having a nice big piece of furniture that we made ourselves is pretty cool. And, it's literally the bed of my dreams. 

I have wanted an upholstered bed for years...but they are pricey. Like $2,000 pricey. And considering the amount of clothes I could buy for that amount of money, I was simply unwilling to save up the cash for one. 

Then one day I saw this project, and the wheels started turning. If anyone could do a project like that, it's me. I was on the Ikea website within minutes to check the stock, but unfortunately that bed doesn't come in king size. So it was great inspiration, but wouldn't work for me.

Then I started thinking...well, it's just wood, right? Maybe I can just make the whole thing. Soon came a series of sketches...most of which are now in the trash but all resemble something like this.

bed sketch

Well, after a trip to Home Depot and another to Fabricland, and a LOT of time with a staple gun...this is what we came up with. LOVE IT.


We also the wall behind the bed black...still have more to do in there but it's liveable for a while as is.


Things that I have learned from this project.
  1. Never attempt to screw together a lot of pieces of wood without the help of a husband/partner/person stronger than you.
  2. When shopping in Fabricland, head straight to the sale section. $20 a yard for fabric is just silly.
  3. Measure a lot. Not just twice. 15 times at least. 
  4. Wood is not actually the size they tell you it is. A 2x4 is neither 2 or 4. 
  5. Building a bed is not easy. But it's not that hard. And with any luck, it won't crumble to pieces one night while we're sleeping.
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