Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A special kind of anniversary.

One year ago today I woke up extra early, waiting for Billy to get off of the night shift, with a bit of a feeling. I had been having this feeling for about a week, and that morning I couldn't wait anymore. I was certain that I was pregnant. Certain.  But, we had only really been trying for a few weeks, so it seemed unlikely. The plan was to wait for Billy to get home, and take a test just to confirm that I wasn't (because SURELY I wasn't).

I couldn't wait anymore. I took the test on my own, because it probably would be negative anyway, and then I could just carry on getting ready for work. Billy would get home, and it would just be a normal day.

But, it was positive. We were having a baby. 

I waited for an eternity (or about 10 minutes) for Billy to finally get home. I didn't even say a word. I just showed him the little test stick that said 'Pregnant' on the display. We hugged, and cried, and spent the day at home, just smiling. The most exciting, scary, amazingly surreal experience had begun.

One year ago today we found out that our little Benjamin was on his way. I couldn't have known back then just how happy this little man would have made me. I feel so, so blessed to be his Mom.


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  1. Your post reminds me of how I found out we were pregnant too! If only we could have known then just how hard we would fall inlove with our little guys :)


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