Thursday, 6 October 2011

Benjamin's Five Month Photo...and a few thoughts on being a Mom so far.

Five months. Geez Louis.


My little guy is growing and changing every day. I'm really glad that I started this little series because it's a nice time to really  look back on how different he is. Not only does he look like a different kid entirely...but he's changed SO MUCH. And I have changed along with him, as I learn how to take care of my little munchkin.

I have TONS more to learn (mothers out there, feel free to share unsolicited advice, I'm always game), but I do feel that we're in a good rhythm these days. I thought I might write a little bit about how things are going and what I've come to find out about having a little one in the house (it's not, as I had previously thought, like having a puppy).


Oh sleep, you are every new Mom's first priority. Ben is actually an amazing sleeper. These days he's in bed by 7pm, wakes at about midnight to nurse for about 5 to 10 minutes, and again at about 3:30 or 4 am. I don't go to bed until that first feeding (and if I'm sleepy, I just wake him up for it), and then my sleep is usually just interrupted the one time. Can't complain! I always feel pretty rested. I never really nap when baby naps...that time is precious and I take full advantage of it by doing glamorous things like putting on mascara and cleaning the litter box. Naps, however, are where Ben still needs work. As I understand it, babies his age usually need about 5 hours of 'day sleep', and his naps range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, 3 times a day, tops. But, because he sleeps SO well at night, I just go with it. I try to get him down every couple of hours when he's clearly tired, and I let him sleep until he wakes. If he can't be lulled back into sleep, so be it.

The best advice I ever got was from a book (can't remember which one since I read tons) that said to do this: When baby wakes for the day, he's ready for a nap about 2 hours later. Let him sleep until he wakes. Once he's up again, he'll be ready to sleep again 2 hours from there, and so on,until bed time. I have followed that pattern since reading it and it really is true! Some days it doesn't totally work, but for the most part it tends to be right on.

Our lovely bassinet is packed away now, and Ben spends his naps and nights in his crib (tear). I hate it. I want him to sleep in my room forever. There, I said it.

I still swaddle Ben to get him down, but he's really fighting it now. I know around 6 months this fazes itself out, maybe he's just going early. I just wish he's SLEEP unswaddled. So, swaddle it is until then. And nursery top sheets make for a perfect swaddle blanket when you're baby get's a bit big for regular receiving blankets!


No, I don't plan on getting too graphic with this post (don't worry Dads!) but this is something we have in the bag. When I was in the hospital, I had a bit of a tough time, we had to be pretty creative, but when I went home I had an appointment with a lactation consultant and since then it's been smooth sailing. I highly recommend any new mom's do this, you'd be amazed at the tricks they have up their sleeves. 


Although he can't form actual words (obviously), Ben is talking up a storm. He is genuinely trying to talk, it's pretty adorable. He's making new sounds every day. Now if only I could remember to not swear so much, I  might still have a chance at making his first word a non-swear word. 


He likes anything with lights, sounds, and he gets really excited if I sing to him. Which is prety much all the time. I'm one of those weird people that sings to themselves more than they should so now I have a much better reason for doing so. I don't really know any baby songs though, so my go to bedtime songs are 'Wish you were here' by Pink Floyd and 'Across the Universe' by the Beatles. I throw in a little Wild Horses from time to time too.

So tummy time is huge, we  all know that. I find that my favourite thing to do with Ben is take him out places, and just being outside in general. Even if he's sleeping the whole time, I feel good having him in fresh air. And after reading this great post by Joanna, I feel even more so. I'm definitely going to follow her lead and try to have Ben out a lot this winter. Anything I can do to prevent him from being a couch potato down the road!!

I leave you with a few pictures of us enjoying these beautiful fall days. Fall is heaven. Winter, take your time please.




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