Saturday, 12 November 2011

The quest for the modern AND affordable high chair

It's no big shocker that I'm being really particular about what high chair Ben ends up with. I want something modern and cool looking...but something with a reasonable price tag. 

I LOVE this one...

Bloom Highchair
...but it's way too pricey. About $500, which is a bit crazy. So I started looking around. Here's what I found.

Boon White Flair Pedestal High Chair

This one is $259 which is much better, is still very cool looking, and comes in different colours. Love it.

Phil & Teds High Pod High Chair 

I think this one is very cool, and at $299 it's still way less than the Bloom. But, still a bit steep if you ask me. 


Astro High Chair by Valco Baby

$129, now we're talking. This one is cute, looks comfy, and folds up really nicely. 


Bloom Nano Urban High Chair

This is Bloom's slightly less expensive high chair at $180.  Not bad. Looks great too.


Evenflo Modern High Chair

I really, REALLY like this one.  A lot. It's only $119, and I love anything that's black and white. But, I'm having a hard time finding a retailer that sells this that also ships to Canada. I mean seriously, stores, WHAT is the big deal about shipping to Canada?

This high chair is $19. And it's cute. What more can you ask for? 

The search continues, but if I can find a  place that will sell me that Evenflo one, I'm sold.  If not...well...these are all pretty amazing options.

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