Monday, 19 December 2011

A&B Love, Christmas Edition


It's the last week before is that possible? Over the weekend we hosted our annual Christmas party with our closest friends and family, so much fun. pictures until people send me the ones they took (it's crazy enough hosting this thing, and add a little one to the mix there isn't a free second for ppicture-taking, boo). 

I'm wrapping things up this week, and probably going to stay off the computer for a little while...every time I open this laptop I feel like I have to read every blog I normally do, and then post something...and next thing you know two hours are gone. So, I will leave you with a little list of things I'm looking at right now and a few things on my to-do list:
  • We're hosting Christmas brunch and dinner at our house with both families together this year (SO excitede) and I fully intend on using this list of ideas for getting your home ready in 30 minutes or less
  • Did you watch the Christmas SNL with Jimmy Fallon over the weekend? We missed it of course but caught up SNL ever.
  • Wrapping presents is big on my list this, they won't look anything like Martha's, but I will still look through these for inspiration while I drink hot chocolate.
  • This time of year always makes me think back to that Christmas morning when Billy popped the question. Tear!!
  • Although I failed to take pics this year at our Xmas bash...that wasn't a;ways the case. A little flashback to one of my favourite years, 2008.
  • Naomi mentioned writing letters to Elanor a while ago, and it inspired me. This year I'm going to write a Christmas card just for Ben, and I'll do the same thing each year. One day we can read them all together...hopefully he doesn't think it's too lame.
  • Still looking for gift ideas? uide The 2011 Cup of Jo Gift Guide is probably my favourite one of all.
  • It's definitely time to watch all of my favourite Christmas movies. This is actually a pretty good list.
  • Lastly, unrelated to Christmas, is anyone else really into that song from the new McDonald's commericial? I'm in love.

Ok, here I go to enjoy this last week before we celebrate Ben's very first Christmas! And  There WILL be picture of that, I promise you.

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  1. I feel the same, I have a couple of days left of work meetings in the mornings {and half the time I do my blog reading during in like right now!}. But after that I will be on a break. I might post photos here and there but I'm planning on a mini computer vacay until January. Family comes first...always

  2. I am so excited to start our new family traditions this year mixed in the the old. I even bought new Christmas-y jammies for the occasion.
    Ben's first Christmas will be wonderful. Can hardly wait!!

  3. Merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!and happy new year!


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