Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The adventures of feeding Ben



So we've been on to solids for some time now. I really have no idea what I'm doing. Ben seems only mildly interested in each type of vegetable and fruit we've offered him so far...seemingly favouring peas, sweet potatoes and blueberries. Probably the most exciting part of mealtime is water...LOVES it.

Most of the time he just watches Cohen, our Golden Retriever, eat her food. And eventually he just gets fed up with the whole process. Sigh.

Thankfully, fellow blogger and friend Ana has started a series all about getting babies started on solids. It's nice to have some insight! Ana is pretty much my idol of motherhood, she has it SO together. I, on the other hand, haven't managed to brush my hair in eight months...but I'm working on it.

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  1. wow Adriane, thank you so much for that really nice mention :) I don't know what to say really except I feel like I'm blushing out of this work cubicle that I'm in.

    (a)I don't really have it together, I look like junk burgers most of the time today, hair is in a bun hairsprayed to mask the fact that I haven't washed it since Monday morning :? ugh its gross really but drying it takes alot of time that I don't really have right now. Trust me I don't really have it together on most days either.

    (b) don't be too discouraged about Ben not seeming to be interested in most foods. J hated most things, carrots, any type of potato. He loved peas, pear, apple and cereal and everything else was a struggle literally until about a month ago when we discovered he wanted chunky foods instead. Try to give him little bits of the things you think he will like and combine them with things he doesn't, alot of it is just aquiring the taste for it. If Ben is ok with potatoes, try steaming potatoes and asparagus, or potatoes and spinach {i think i posted those recipes maybe} but its pretty simple, a cup of chopped asparagus or spinach and one little potato, steam, and then blend. You can even add a little breastmillk if you want. J loved this dish. Or try carrot and apple sauce, they like those too. Have you tried any finger foods with Ben by the way?

    1. Ha ha, aw you're so welcome!! Your blog is such a great read, I literally refer to it all the time!

      I haven't tried anything really with him apart from plain old baby food...I've gone organic with it all and stuck with the basics, but I'm definitely going to start incorporating new things soon. So happy to have all of your baby lunch pics to use as inspiration!

    2. I think he might be ready for some soft cooked solid pieces, that sometimes helps them eat other stuff because they're more interested in the novelty I think just long enough to try things out. I found with J alot of the foods were just a matter of getting him used to the flavour and after that it was no problem. YOu can try mixing veggies together too if you know he doesn't have any allergy to them, and that might also get him to eat a bit more variety. These kids are crazy! who knew they had so much personality so young?! lol

      and I read your blog always too :D I love it!


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