Monday, 16 January 2012

The Globes

Oh, award season. I love you. Soooo much.

The Globes were pretty good this year, I thought. I know people are always whining about how boring award shows are, but that's never going to change. If you're not interested in the dresses, there's not much to see.

I always pick my favs, and this year was easy. These dresses stood out for me.


Kate just looks amazing all the time, she sort of works whatever it is she is wearing. So gorgeous. 


That black dress was so cool. I love it when people wear a black dress that doesn't look boring. LOVE. Don't know much about the girl. Very little interest in those dragon tattoo movies.  

Angie was stunning. Ya, she' stole Brad. I think I'm over it. Sort of.


And Natalie...well she's just my fav.

Side note, Sarah Michelle Geller looked silly (top pony, really?). And best dressed guy was Joey (aka Matt LeBlanc).

All images via Just Jared


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