Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New year, new list

I've been thinking about my resolutions for days now. I always, always make a list. I know people hate resolutions...but I like the feeling of starting fresh, I always have, and why not? Who cares if you only eat better for three days. It's three days more than you did in December. So, without further adeau.

  1. Eat better, and get outside more. I don't plan on losing a certain amount of pounds, because I won't do it I'm sure. But this is something I can be a bit more concious of.
  2. Worry less. Anxiety fuels me in a lot of ways, but it's also by far my biggest downfall. It's not something that I like about myself, and I am going to try to not let it take over everything, all the time.
  3. Take better care of myself. Little things like, for example, giving myself a nice pedicure, or having a long bath after Ben is in bed. I don't make time for this at all anymore, and it's kind of the best part of being a girl (apart from having babies).
  4. Relax a bit about cleaning. I'm a certficable clean freak, and it's getting really old. I vow to clean my house once a week, not more than that, and not think about it SO much on the days when I haven't cleaned. Everything will be ok. 
  5. Talk less, listen more. I saw this somewhere recently, and I liked it a lot. It's just one of those things that resonated with me.
  6. Try to live in the moment more. I know, this is very Oprah of me. But it's true, we are all so preoccupied with the future, or the past. 
  7. Spend less time on the computer. Over the holidays I stayed off the computer and I LOVED it. I do love this blog, and have for years, but these days checking my google reader actually makes me nervous because I have too much to get caught up on. I've narrowed down my blog list to my absolute favs, and I will check in here and there. But for the most part, I just want to focus on playing with Ben and being here with my family. 
  8. Take better pictures. I always use my iPhone, and I have a perfectly good camera sitting here doing nothing. I want to make a point of using it every day. We also bought a great little video camera that I want to try to use often too.
Anyone else working on a list? I may add more to this, but for now, this is where I'm starting.

Yay! I love January!

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