Thursday, 26 January 2012

Oh, I love you raindrops.

I decided to make a larger variation of my No. 4 raindrop painting for our bedroom, making it just black and white (with hints of blue that don't show up too well in this photo). I'm so happy with it! Finally the wall isn't bare. 


Our bed is king sized and you'de be surprised how hard it was finding a canvas this size...we actually wanted it wider, but then it would have been too tall. This works for now anyway, and down the road I have a different plan for this wall anyway (something like this) and then it will be perfect.


I still have a lot more I want to do to our room, but for now at least we have this! An Ikea trip for new dressers and side tables is definitely in our future...



  1. The raindrops are my favorite.

  2. Your room looks awesome!!
    I'm planning to finally do ours this year, and I'm totally planning grey as the colour. I haven't stopped at your blog in a bit - did you make the headboard? Or where did you find it, it's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Mel!! I did make it, it's actually a whole upholstered bed!!! My husband and I just sort of created a plan and bought some wood, and then I went nuts with a staple gun lol!!

      I was actually inspired by this amazing project:

      ...but sadly that bed didn't come in king size so we had to start from scratch. Still, the whole thing was less than $100!


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