Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ADOP - Bokeh Inspired Paintings

I'm pretty excited about these. I've been wanting to create a painting for a long time now that looked like those cool bokeh photos...and I think these are pretty close! I've added two large bokeh inspired paintings to the shop, what do you think?



These were really, really fun to do, and I'm definitely going to do more. If anyone is interested in seeing a different colour combination, size, etc, feel free to get in touch with me!

And of course, they also make very, very cute iPhone cases if I do say so myself. 


That's all for now! A few orders have gone out this week and with any luck I'll have pictures of the paintings in their new homes to share. LOVE seeing that!


  1. I love these ones, looks like it is coming right off the canvas.

  2. I wish you made these covers for the Samsung Galaxy S, because you'd have an.order for one of these bad boys today!!!

  3. Wow, this looks cool! I love these cases!


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