Monday, 6 February 2012

Birthday goodies

So my birthday stretched out to two weekends this year...last weekend we celebrated with family and this past weekend with friends. Everyone completely spoiled me, as usual, I am the luckiest girl. Billy gave me a whole pile of pressies, and picked up the most amazing cupcakes from Weil's Bakery, where we got our wedding cupcakes made. What a sweetie. So, along with the best gifts I have a stack  of gift cards burning a whole in my pocket as well. So excited to shop! I have to say, the people in my life really know me. I mean, HBC stripes, Hunter Boots, Audrey, Curry's & Chapters gift cards...what? So awesome.

My Mom made us a big birthday lunch and sent us home with a week's worth of leftovers. And Saturday night was spent eating pizza, watching movies, and a good hours worth of laughing hysterically at inappropriate twitter hashtags. Good times.

Thanks to everyone for a lovely birthday! I am so happy to have such amazing people in my life. Seriously. 



  1. ooo those wellies are so cute! and your yummy birthday cupcakes inspired me to bake some of my own this weekend. Hope you had a fabulous day!

  2. Love your wellies and cupcakes!


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