Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Living room mini-makeover

Little changes make me happy. Oh yes, big changes would too, but until my lottery winnings come in I find a great deal of happiness in things like new pillows. Ya that's right.

My living room is pretty neutral, and I like it that way. I would LOVE it if everything were white, with maybe a really great back Eames chair, but this will do. Here is what it looked like before my mini makeover.


For a little change I decided to load up on black and white fabric from Ikea and make some new covers for the pillows, as well as a little footstool. Better, right?



I am pretty happy with it. You may have also noticed we switched out the carpet. The old one was beige, which really didn't work in the space, but we'd had it forever and just didn't think much about it. This new one is huge, and grey (my third favourite colour, right behing white and black obviously). It's also perfect for Benjamin to practice crawling on (and one day spilling juice all over). Love it. I can't seem to find it to link to on the website, but we bought it from Ikea, and it came in this grey and a tan colour. 

Also, a word about this footstool.


When I bought my first house back in 2001, the lady who I lived there previously left this little green footstool, and it's travelled with me ever since. I'm sure some people out there will appreciate the weird green vintage vibe it had originally. Not this girl. When I first inherited it I gave it a badly sewn white slipcover (second image) that actually wasn't even hemmed along the bottom. I'm that awesome of a seamstress. Well now is has a very cool black and white (still badly sewn) slipcover. But it has a hem, so it's at least 50% of an improvement.

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