Monday, 27 February 2012

The Oscars 2012

I'm so sad it's over. If I could, I would be one of those people that has a big Oscars party where everyone is forced to dress up and make the whole thing into a way bigger deal than it is. But, with a teething baby, I settled for sweatpants and popcorn, and watching it in between baby snuggling sessions.

Anyway, the fashion this year was lovely. Nothing blew my mind, I must say. But nothing was dreadful either. So, here we go. Best dressed of the Oscars, 2012.


Sandra. I used to really dislike you. Then that whole thing happened with that idiot guy, and suddenly I love you for being a hip independant lady. Also, you looked fab in this dress. I think some people disliked this one, but it looks wonderfully expensive and you look insanely skinny, so regardless you win. Well done.


Emma. I love it when people who primarily do goofy comedies suddendly get invited to the Oscars all the time. You have always been lovely, but now way more people know about it. Red was a good choice. 


Penelope, this colour is PERFECT. That's all.


This girl. No idea who you are, but this dress was stunning. Jennifer Aniston should have been there last night and worn this. (Will I ever let go of my love for Jen? No. No I won't.)


Oh Rooney, you are my new red carpet fav. I love love love everything you chose this year. We may never see you again, which I hope isn't true, but if it is, you did good.


Michelle. I'm a little tired of the oh-so-demure thing you're doing, but the world is eating it up, so good for you. Your dress, however, was my favourite. Colour of the year. Someone did their homework. It was lovely.

Notes about the show:

  • The guy that made fun of Angelina's weird pose was brilliant. Such nerve to do that right in front of Brad. Highlight of the night.
  • What was with the JLo Cameron turn-at-the-same-time moment? So dumb.
  • Will Farrel and Zach Galifianakis with cymbals. Too funny.
  • Meryl Streep winning. YES.
All images via Just Jared


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  1. I loved Emma Stone - she was very funny! And also, the mocking of Angelina - for a minute I thought it was imagination. I thought Billy Crystal was awful - very boring/safe/oldish. What a disappointment. But I am glad that Meryl won. For a minute I thought The Help (which I haven't seen and have no intention of seeing) was going to sweep it all.


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