Monday, 6 February 2012

Thank you to Sara of Saige Wisdom!

Some of you who've read of this blog for years now, AKA Mom, (I actually started this almost FIVE years ago, but only recently started being more public with it) know that I'm not always the best blogger. I get really distracted with things (these days obviously with Ben and ADOP), and I forget all about it. Not to mention actualy READING blogs. I so rarely have time for it. I used to wake up every day and read my favs over tea and bagels. Those days are long gone.

Well, lesson learned. Today I discovered that the lovely Sara of Saige Wisdom mentioned me on her blog! It was a while ago, and I feel like an idiot (sorry Sara!!) but I just wanted to extend a big thank you to her!! So sweet of you! Also, welcome to the world of the iPhone (it's the best, right?)

For those of you looking for a new cute bog to read, check out Saige Wisdom! And while I'm at it, have you seen Ana's new blog design? So pretty!


  1. you are too cute! I only blog about what I love and I love my iPhone and it's new cover which is enroute from Society6 as we speak. Isn't Ana's new blog design aww-some? puts mine to shame. Xo

    1. Hi Sara! Aw your blog is so pretty too!!! I really hope you like your case! Would you mind letting me know how you feel about the quality when you receive it? I actually haven't ordered one for myself (feels weird, ha ha, but I might anyway!) so I'd love to have your feedback!

  2. seriously you guys are too nice! my blog is what it is, but i wrote off my new design as a business expense so I could justify it. Trust me if I didn't have my own business {not blogging I mean} I would never be able to do what I did.

    And i think what matters the MOST is amazing content. I read both yours Adriane, and Sara's blogs because they're real and I can relate. You girls are two of my favorite bloggers...some of the only ones I actually subscribe to on bloglovin and comment on almost daily and its because I love who you guys are.

    1. Aw Ana you're the sweetest!! I feel the exact same way about you, I read yours EVERY day. One of VERY few :) xo


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