Friday, 16 March 2012

A & B Love

At last, it's Friday once again! So happy! And time for another A&B Love...a few cute things I've stumbled upon lately.

  • Jennifer of Rambling Renovators has been sharing some amazing information with her BlogTalk series...if you're a blogger looking to get your name out there more, be sure you're taking notes!
  • I received an invitation in the mail to a baby shower, yay! And, just in time, Jordan has shown me what to wear and what to give.
  • The March/April issue of Lonny is out and is SO GOOD.
  • A GORGEOUS light-filled loft space that Cassandra has shared. Love this.
  • Beautiful artistic tattoos. I think I MUST get a tattoo that represents one of my paintings now. What a brilliant idea.
Image via Amanda Wachob


  1. I'm in love with Jen's BlogTalk series! and I love these stumbled upon posts - off to explore all your links... xo

  2. That image reminds me so much of what my son looked like the other day after painting...He was covered in hasty paint slashes and swirls from his forehead to his feet!


    1. So cute! I just saw that post on your blog, love it! Great project, I think I'll have to bookmark that one for when Ben is older!!


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