Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Blog Podium - The Business of Blogging


Have you heard about this yet? I rarely, RARELY have time to actually read blogs during the day, but miracle of miracles this morning Ben went down for a nap (a good 15 minutes, which is pretty amazing these days) and I got to check up on some. Low and behold, Jennifer of Rambling Renovators announced this today, and tickets are limited! I am SO EXCITED!!! Finally something for us Canadians, ha ha!

It's still a couple of months away, so I have time to get used to the idea of leaving Ben for a full day (but it's not even a full work day, so it should be fine)...and one of my all time favourites is going to be there, Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely! YAYYYYY! anyone else out there going? My friend Rach and I will be there!


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