Monday, 19 March 2012

Ever-growing Benjamin


My little guy really isn't that little any more. I know he's little...but he's WAY bigger than he was not that long ago. He's long and heavy and seems like such a boy, and not so much like a baby.

Despite all of my whining about sleep (and I know, there has been plenty), but number one biggest complaint about being a Mom is how FAST time goes. It's almost cruel. At the same time, time means so much more now. And it's easier I think yo savour the little things. 

Yesterday for example, Ben was awake at 4:00 am for the day, there was no getting him back to sleep. I stayed up with him for a few hours, then woke Billy off to switch, ha ha. Later that morning the three of us laid down and had a nap together since we were all so exhausted. And just laying there between my two guys, it felt like the best place in the world.

And the other day he fell asleep at my Mom's (that's her holding him in the pictures), and his little face just killed me. He couldn't be any sweeter.

If time is going to fly by, so be it...I just hope I can clearly remember all of these little bits and pieces of his childhood. I guess my obnoxious picture-taking will come in handy down the road...


  1. He is so cute...and i couldn't agree more. I complain about the sleep...but I'd trade all the sleep in the world just to have each moment last a little bit longer.

    1.'s so hard sometimes being a Mom! It's like you're so filled with love all the time...but also this sadness that it's all passing too quickly. I shouldn't complain THIS early, I realize, ha ha....ugh I hope it slows down at some point!!


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