Monday, 2 April 2012

Elusive Sleep


Our baby doesn't sleep. Ok, well he does, I guess. But he doesn't sleep well, or consistently, and preferably not alone. Poor guy. 

Getting Ben to sleep is a daily challenge. He's SUCH a light sleeper. He can be totally exhausted, rubbing both eyes, up for hours on end, but if you don't put him into his crib just so, he wakes up and is WIDE awake. Or, you can be rocking him for half an hour, he's out like a light, and then the bloody phone rings. And it's over.

I have spent months being jealous of Mom's whose babies sleep through the night (Ben has done this maybe three times, three glorious times). But I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that Ben is his own little person who is learning how to sleep in his own time. No schedule, or 'method' will work. Just time. So, we're trying to give him that.

I may have mentioned this before (sorry, Mom-brain really does exist and is in full effect over here) but I like this article a lot about getting baby to sleep. I find that I'm in agreement with most of the things on this website, which is rare for me. 

Here's hoping to a good night sleep tonight! I on the other hand am looking for ways to do more on less sleep. Anyone know how to function on roughly 2-3 hours? Maybe then I could get everything done...


  1. Adriane I totally feel your pain. J is inconsistent. I feel like right now they are going through so many changes both physically and cognitively. Noises and voices are recognizeable now and they know that it also means play time, or attention. And also they're dealing with teething and growing pains. Its tough being a little guy sometimes.

    I stopped caring about my sleep. I just go with it and every night is different. Sometimes J goes through 3-5 days of sleeping through the night, and then other times he wakes up every 2 hours like a newborn. Its just how it goes and it won't last foreverr. The exhaustion is the hardest part for me though, especially because I have to go to work and make it at least seem like I know what I'm doing. I think it will get better. But at least by sort of accepting this for what it is I stopped feeling anxious about making my son perfect.

    1. Ahh, these days are rough sometimes! I'm the same, I sleep when I can, and I'm trying to be ok on way less sleep, ha ha. I need more coffee!!!

  2. My first is/was an awful sleeper...awful napper...he is turning three in may and wakes every night - still!

    My second (almost 5 months) has no sleep routine...he sleeps well, at least better than my first, but wont nap in the crib. I just do whatever I have to do to help him nap - mostly wear him everyday!

    1. It can be so tough!! My little guy will nap for like 5 minutes sometimes. Then a few hours later, 20 minutes. It feels to me like he should be sleeping SO much more...but it just doesn't happen. I'm really hoping he'll sleep more eventually, but I don't have my hopes up...

  3. I feel for you, my little boy Luka was EXACTLY the same! And then lo and behold when he turned 18 months he started sleeping like a trooper. I'm talking 2-3 hour day naps by HIMSELF!

    I would never have believe it six months earlier. I'm a big fan of Dr Sears too!


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