Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The (exterior) house to-do list


When we moved into our home a few years ago, I had a TON of plans. I planned on having the entire place gutted, new floors, new basement, new appliances...you know. But, in reality, you have to be patient with these things. NOT easy for me. 

While we've done a lot of cosmetic changes on the inside, we haven't done much to the outside.  The garden is pretty established, it just needs a LOT of pruning and overall management...which I have sadly neglected this past year or two. I'll get to it eventually.

But the front of our house needed some work. It actually needs a LOT more than that (when we win the lottery, right after I go on a shopping spree and finally buy the iPad that I know I don't need, we'll redo the driveway and stairs...) but we can do a lot with paint and plants for now.

This is a true 'before pic', taken during our home inspection. That's my Mom in the front door, my Dad is a home inspector so these things are always a family affair.


Since then we have done some landscaping, changed the house numbers and painted the front door (I know, pretty ambitious). Lots more to do.

Some of these are short-term goals, and some are longggg term goals. Some may never happen, but they're on the list, so that alone makes me feel better. Yep.

Exterior Goals
  1. Paint. We actually bought the paint a while ago, and didn't get around to it. Doesn't that sort of thing just eat you up inside? No? Just me? I don't feel too bad though. We had a baby. Gimme a break.
  2. Build up this little area with shrubs. I have planted some, and it needs time to fill in. This year I plan on pruning and making sure they're situated where they need to be. Maybe adding more if needed.
  3. Add a chair to this little spot. It's tight, but I think it's doable. I love sitting on the front porch waiting for Billy to get home from work after Ben's in bed (YES, I bring out the monitor). I'm going to be that old lady on the porch one day. 
  4. A new railing, AND new stairs. This railing is one of though awful metal ones. I think this year I might paint it out black (not sure that will even help) but eventually it has to go. And the stairs are concrete and not in great shape. 
  5. Again, build this area up with shrubs. there are some established ones, and I'm tempted to rip them out...I don't like how they were initially places, so I might change it up. Either way, the areas around them also need to be planned better and edited. Also, there are a ton of white tulips planted in this section, and I am more into theseWe had them at the old house and I miss them. Will be ordering them this fall. 
  6. A new pathway. This may not happen...I kind of like the way ours is (it's pretty bumpy and weathered), but it has a certain charm. Not sure Billy agrees with me on this.
  7. In this area, which is an awkward bed on the other side of the walkway, NOTHING grows. It just ends up looking like a pile of dirt, and I'm sick of it. This year I'm going to level it out and plant grass seed there. Done.
  8. Below our huge maple there are mostly hostas and daylilies. I actually hate daylilies, so I think this year I'm going to pull them out. I love hostas, I especially love groups of different types, so I think I will fill this area with more hostas. We have a lot on our property, but I've been splitting them to fill bare areas and so I think we're running out. We'll see after I get out there.
  9. A new driveway. This is pretty badly needed...ours is rough. But it's also huge, and will probably cost a fortune, and I like to buy things cute spring clothes and magazines. So ya. We can wait.
I plan on working on our short-term goals this year....you know, in between naps and diapers and everything else. Ah!

There are a ton of amazing home exterior pictures that I have been seeing lately that are motivating me. My house will likely NEVER come close, but these are some my my favs. I want lots of green, lots of texture, and lots of tidiness. Perfect.



Via House and Home


Via Marguerite Gardens Inc


Via Marguerite Gardens Inc


Via Marguerite Gardens Inc

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