Thursday, 5 April 2012

A & B Love


  • Melanie writes and AWESOME blog, and recently she shared her discovery of these adorable social media icons. I HAD to have them. In Tangerine Tango, of course. Thanks Melanie!!!
  • Did you see Erin's closet makeover? Oh man. So cool.
  • If you're in the Hamilton area, there is a cool thing going on at Hamilton Artist Inc. called Art Grab. I donated a piece to this, thought it looked like a fun event!
  • Only a few weeks away until my little man turns one, and I'm in full on planning mode for his shindig. Lucky for me, Elsie just shared with us some frosting recipes. Hooray!
  • If you're looking for a funny new sitcom to check out, Bent is really hilarious. Usually shows like this don't get enough of a following and end up being cancelled, but we're going to enjoy it while it lasts. I need something to make me laugh while I desperately wait for Larry David to return.
  • They NEED to open a J. Crew in my city. I would buy this dress right now. And these shoes. And probably this
Happy weekend everyone!

Image via J. Crew


  1. k you convinced me to get my lazy butt to j crew this afternoon. i have been avoiding that mall for months and months but now it is time. Grrr i just really hate shopping malls

    1. Ah ha ha, I want to know what you bought! I'm so jealous, I will have to come there some day just to walk in to a J Crew!

  2. Hi Adriane! Thanks for the mention! Glad you're enjoying the icons. I'm a sucker for all things Pantone. :)

    1. Oh my pleasure Melanie! I am totally obsessed with Pantone too, ha ha. I actually contacted them when I started my painting shop because my dream was to make Pantone paintings! They said no though...I'm still not over it, ha ha!


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