Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Poor Ben (Plus a few tips on helping sick babies)


We've officially had our first baby cold around here. Ben has been lucky so far and has been perfectly healthy...but the last few days he's had the sniffles. It's been ok, no fever, nothing serious, but he's been pretty congested and unhappy about it. My poor little guy!

I'm not even close to being a wise Mom (yet, one day!), but between looking up parenting articles online and Billy bringing home everything the pharmacist recommended, we have a few ideas to share when it comes to helping out sick little ones. If anyone has any other tips please share!
  1. Lots, I mean LOTS, of water. I know, this one goes without saying, but you have to really remember to be constantly giving your little one water, especially if they're not so into doing it themselves yet. Ben will drink from his cup no problem, but he mostly chews on it...I have to really make sure he's also drinking.
  2. Hydrasense Ultra-Gentle Mist.When Billy brought this stuff home, the thought of actually administering this nearly brought me to tears. (I know, I need to toughen up). But, if you can believe this....he likes it. When I lay him down and show him the bottle, he literally smiles and closes his eyes, waiting for it. I'm not joking. 
  3. Coryzalia. I use the Camilia from this line for teething and so I thought I would try this one, which is for congestion. It seems to really help.
  4. Tilting baby's mattress slightly. I mean SLIGHTLY. I was really scared to try this, but I had read everywhere that it was helpful and it makes perfect sense. The first couple of nights I was actually sleeping upright in our bed with him trying to keep him tilted, but that got old really quickly. As recommended by the pharmacist (man that guy was smart) we rolled up a towel and placed it under one end, and so the tilt was just barely there, but it was enough to let Ben sleep a bit more. 
  5. Lots of steam. For those of you out there who were prepared and bought misters, good for you. For some reason we never thought to get one...but we have an alternative. Ben and I have a little routine that we do when Billy is working later hours that I call 'Mommy Baby Bath Time'. Yep, I'm the cheesiest mom in the world. Anyway, first I get Ben set up in the bathroom in his bebePod, surrounded by toys. I have my shower (to warm up the bathroom) and then I give him his bath. I have always done this, but I found that it's especially good when he's sick. The steam seems to really loosen everything up in there. 
  6. Stay away from dairy. I give Ben yogurt and more recently Baboo, but I found that this made everything worse, so we cut it out for a few days and stuck to water.
  7. Say goodbye to your routine for a little while. Naps and sleep schedules went out the window for us. There was one night where he was up SO late, woke up SO early, but slept really well in the day. It's just sort of chaos, and you have to take it as it comes.
  8. Baby Vicks. Again, I think Ben likes this stuff. Every night when we put it on him he gets this groggy little smile. So cute. And there is nothing cuter than seeing your husband gently rub Vicks on your baby. I mean...it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
(Note: No, I'm not a doctor. It's obviously a good idea to talk to your doctor about this sort of thing. But you know us bloggers, we can't help but write about EVERYTHING.)

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  1. Great article! Thanks for taking the time to post this. I'm going to have to share this with my wife..


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