Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Summer Home


It's been a while since I had much time for HGTV...I used to have it on every Saturday and Sunday morning while I ate breakfast and read through whatever new magazines were waiting for me. Those leisurely mornings are long gone...but luckily I can get caught up on some shows online, including my new favourite, Summer Home. Are you watching this? 

Billy and I have long, long dreamed of owning a cottage. Kind of in the way we we dream of building a second storey on our house and winning the lottery. But, I still LOVE everything cottage related. It's the reason that I bought Adirondack chairs. I read my first non-Catcher Salinger novel at a cottage. Oh, memories.

Anyway, Summer Home is so much fun to watch. The host, Sam Pynn, is adorable and has a great sense of style. There are amazing ideas for decorating any home, especially for this time of year when everyone wants their house to be ready for summer.




And the transformations are great. Cottage before's are always pretty hilarious. There's always something covered in an afghan and there's ALWAYS knotty pine. Always.

If you're in Canada you can watch all episodes on the HGTV website. Love that.

All images via HGTV


  1. Oh how I would love a cottage - I'd even just love to rent a cottage for a week. But I would never get M to go. He just doesn't see the point of packing up all your stuff, and food, and clothes just to go somewhere in the woods without tv or internet. Perhaps one day, when you get one, I can tag along. I'll be babysitter and cook??

  2. we downgraded our cable last year which means I don't get fun channels anymore - including HGTV - boo! hiss!

    But... I do share the same dream. I would love to own a cabin on some nearby lake. A place to spend Christmas Eves and long weekends, a place to ice fish and water ski.

    One day my friend, one day.


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