Monday, 28 May 2012

ADOP /// The Brooklyn Bridge, another commission complete!

Well, now that I'm back and feeling so inspired from Blog Podium, I have a LOTTT of painting to get done for the shop! Sunday afternoon a client (hey Kim!) stopped by my place to pick up her latest piece. It looks like we're now working on a bit of a series, so exciting!

brooklyn bridge

This piece will be part of an art wall alongside the Eiffel Tower I did for her. One more piece to come in this set, if I can manage to paint it, that nervous! I'll be sure to share if it works out. And if it's crap, well you'll just never hear about this ever, ever again.

(P.S. Did you enter my free custom painting giveaway yet? Please do, I'll be drawing for it on June 1st!) 


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