Monday, 7 May 2012

Benjamin's Birthday (Part One) and his 12 month photo

The craziest two days of my life are behind me...Benjamin's birthday on Sunday, followed by my first day back to work today. WOAH. But, I have a minute to share a little peek at the party, as well as Ben's 12 month photo!





Tomorrow I am meeting with our photographer who took pictures of the party for us, so I will have way better pictures to share then, and I will also tell you all about the BEST photographer in the world! That's a whole post in itself ;)

Ben's birthday party was so, so great. At first, he was pretty terrified...way too many people, too much going on. But, after a while of hiding his little face and being held by Billy and I, he warmed up to the idea and seemed to have some fun. What a little trooper!

A HUGE thank you to our parents, family, and amazing friends for being there with us and for spoiling Benny like crazy. I can't tell you how lucky we are to have such sweet people around to watch him grow up with us. I'm so excited to see him running up to you all, hugging and kissing and thanking you himself :) can we forget, Benjamin's monthly photo! 12 MONTHS! What happened to this last year???? This was another easy one to capture, he was in a prety good mood. It seems to get easier each month, love it! He may or may not get excited when he sees me pull out the tripod. I've created a monster.


Here are a few of the out takes...oh that face!


And now, a little collection of his monthly photos up until now. I can't believe how much he's changed. I remember when I started this whole thing, thinking it would be so much fun to watch him grow...I had no idea he would be so different month to month. 


Crazy, right? He just keeps getting more sweet and adorable, what can I say!

Alright, that's all for now. Can't wait to see more party pictures and share! 


  1. you were soooo smart to hire a photographer! Can't wait to see all the photos - happy belated b-day Ben and happy back to work for mom (bittersweet I bet). Xo

    1. Oh I'm SO happy I did it, I wouldn't have had a free second to take pictures!

      And bittersweet! Ok, maybe just bitter, lol ;)

  2. Looking at all the month by month photo's near enough brought a tear to my eye. My god that kid is something special

  3. he is such a sweet little guy. I can't believe he is one! gosh that went fast for sure, but you know what...this next year is going to be pretty amazing too.

    1. Where does the time go, right? I am so excited for next year too, I love that I get to watch J and know what I'm in for, he he ;)


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