Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blog Podium, it's almost here!


I remember the morning that I saw the post on Rambling Renovators about Blog Podium, I immediately thought to myself "YES, it's mini Alt for Canadian's who can't leave their house for days and days!" and I bought my ticket instantly. That was even before I saw that Nicole of Making it Lovely was going to be there, and I'm pretty sure her blog was my first 'favourite' blog of all. I'm SO happy I'm going. I'm beyond excited. 

Since then, I have been working on a little checklist of things that I wanted to do or have done before then. Here's what the list looked like:
  • Order more business cards
  • Have a little something extra
  • Give the blog a little facelift
  • Update media kit
  • Pick a cute outfit/hairstyle
  • Take a look at the blogs on the list of attendees
  • Enter at least one BP contest
Well I'm making good progress! Business cards came in ages ago, blogs looking okay...oh and as I have mentioned (annoyingly I'm sure) I did enter the EQ3 contest, just for fun. Clearly I'm not going to win since some of these people have 78459234 comments already, but that's ok, still an item off the list! And thank you so much to my lovely friends who voted, you rule.

To be totally honest, it's the outfit that's killing me. KILLING ME. I mean, I have a hard time picking what to wear to take Ben to the park. So, we'll see what I come up with. Chances are it will be something black and boring. Ahh. Unless I wear the dress that I JUST WORE to Ben's birthday, which is essentially the only article of clothing that I have right now that I actually like. Will I be shunned from the blog community over that? How bad of a fashion faux-pas is it to dare to re-wear something? I think of Rachel Zoe, and I think she would not approve. But she would also probably want me to wear fur. And a hat. And no, that's not happening.

Luckily, Lindsey has given us some ideas on what to wear and how we should dress, perfect timing. If you're looking for even more ideas, there was a great article on Babble about what design bloggers wore to Alt. Tons of inspiration. Maybe I'll make it a personal goal to wear EVERY blogger trend at ones. So that would look something like pastel jeans + top bun + leopard + something geometric + bangs + neon + nerd-on-purpose glasses + stripes + some sort of nail art. Yikes. Tempting.

Anyone reading headed to BP? I can't wait to meet fellow bloggers in real life! Please say hello!!


  1. I wish I was going! So jealous. I don't like contests where # of votes is the deciding factor... it reminds me of high school and the daily popularity contest. I think your board (and dress for Ben's bash) are major! That was me channeling my inner Rachel Zoe... BlogPodium is going to be bananas! Hopefully the West Coast blogettes can get their acts together and do something equally aww-some. Have fun momma!

    1. I WISH YOU WERE GOING TOO!!! Ugh, WHY didn't you win that ticket here dammit!!! We should all go to Alt in January...

  2. so fun! I had no idea or I would have come for sure :( so sad I'm sure it will be super fun though!

    1. I wish you were coming!!! They do have a wait list for tickets....maybe you could get one!! ONE of these days we will meet!


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