Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Checklist /// What I'm bringing to Blog Podium

YES, another list. This is seriously how I function people, one list after another.

With Blog Podium coming up this weekend (eeeeee!) I am in the process of making sure I have EVERYTHING ready to take with me. I live outside of Toronto, so I need to be prepared. And I'm pretty into being the over-prepared girl. It's just who I am. I will inevitably forget something and hate myself for being so careless...this is just the cycle. Anyway...


This is my list so far. 

  • Ticket to Blog Podium (I know, I'm a genius)
  • iPhone (obviously)
  • iPhone charger
  • Notebook (because I'm not the cool girl with the iPad...yet)
  • 17 pens, give or take
  • Pink highlighter
  • Pink post-its
  • Business cards, etc.
  • Networking notes, questions I want to ask, etc.
  • GUM. And floss.
  • Glasses, because I can see about 2 feet in front of me and then things get fuzzy
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella/jacket, weather depending
  • Tote bag (Rain tote, as pictured, by Bookhou)
  • Camera
  • Safety pin (you never know!)
  • Scarf in case it's chilly inside (thanks for the suggestion Jordana!)

Am I forgetting anything? Help!

Image via Bookhou


  1. Seems like a great list to me. I usually pack a scarf of some sort - never know how cold it gets in air conditioned spaces.

  2. Jordana, you're a genius! I'm officially adding this to my list!

  3. Flats? In the event that you are planning to wear flats to begin with......never mind.

    1. Oh it was on the original list...but then I decided not to take a rolling suitcase with me LOL. I'll have to tough it out in wedges...

  4. This is a fabulous list. I'm going to print it out so I don't forget anything. Now if I could only decide what to wear!

  5. i hope you have a fantastic time!!!

  6. Hey Adriane! Thanks for your comment the other day!

    I've been poking around your blog since, which leaves me with two thoughts:

    1) I also am dismayed at the lack of Betty Draper Francis in this season of Mad Men
    2) We have some very similar tastes...tattooed men, Scandinavian decor, etc etc etc... ;)

    See you Saturday and thanks for the list!


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