Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A new cute chair for the front porch

I've been looking for a chair for our front porch for about a year now. I like to sit out front after Ben is asleep, it faces the sunset and our little street is so peaceful, I love it. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be kind of small, since our front porch is tiny, and something with a cool shape. I ended up picking this amazing AMMERO dining chair from Ikea. Don't you love it?
It was only $75, which is pretty great for a nice outdoor chair (most that I've seen are well over $100). It's small but actually pretty roomy when you're sitting in it, and it's surprisingly comfortable. I think it's perfect!


Since we brought it home I have spent many evenings after dinner out there, wrapped up in a blanket, catching up on blogs, drinking tea, and watching horrible, horrible television shows (I actually can't stop watching Jennifer Love Hewitt's new Lifetime show. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.) And here's a pic of my view. Pretty great, right?


Oh, I love it. All this extra time outside has me thinking SO much about the garden and what plants I want to add this year. Tomorrow I have a cool (kind of lengthy, sorry in advance) post to share that's all about the best plants for people who are NOT good gardeners...hope you check back to see it!

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