Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Saige Wisdom's Link Up - Obsessions


My friend Sara over at Saige Wisdom has started a new link-up called Obsessions, which is essentially just a list of things she's loving right now. If there's a list of any sort involved, I'm obviously in. So, here we go.


The return of Mad Men, after the longest hiatus ever. I am a little annoyed that Betty is in like 5% of the episodes now. But I'll take it. Any Mad Men is better than no Mad Men. Her and Don are going to end up back together in the end, right? Right?


Vegetarian Recipes, like this Lemon Basil Pesto Pasta. I'm always looking for yummy EASY recipes, and I'm always leaning towards meatless meals. I can't help it. They're just so good.


Pretty tattoos. I want to get my next one soon, something to do with Benjamin...just not sure what exactly I want. Looking for inspiration. Is it weird that this one reminds me of those horrible No fear shirts everyone has when I was in middle school? Or am I so old no one knows what I'm talking about?


Jewellery by A Merry Mishap. I want to order something SO BADLY, and I keep looking at the collection and trying to decide, but I simply cannot pick just one item. I either need to make a decision already, or just buy a bunch of it. Leaning towards the later.


Paris in Color. Ordering a copy of this book today. How can I NOT have this? There's nothing better than seeing a blogger get published. Living vicariously through you Nichole!

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Mad Men  ///  Lemon Pesto Pasta  ///  Tattoo 



  1. I love how your doing your photo credits at the bottom of your posts... your blog is like eye candy. Anyways I see your 'no fear' shirts and raise you the hyper colour shirts that changed colour with heat - remember? I too love posts that lend themselves to lists and I'm probably the only bloggess ;) to have never watched a full episode of Mad Men. Thanks for linking up... start thinking of new obsessions cause I have a fun little giveaway for the next round of participants. xo

    1. OMG. Hyper colour shirts. So gross!

      Um, you need to watch Mad Men. Add it to your list!

      Oooh, I'll get started on my next list for sure :)


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