Monday, 21 May 2012

Victoria Day Long Weekend


Our long weekend was perfect. Ok, well Billy had to work on the holiday, and the fireworks made us beyond stressed out all night that they were going to wake up Ben (and they didn't, of course). But, Sunday was pretty perfect. We had a picnic under our massive Maple tree, and then we went down to the Pier to eat ice cream and watch the sail boats. 

I MAY have talked Billy into getting a boat one day (I've been working on this for years). But, alas, his fear of sharks and believe that they exist in all bodies of water (and some pools) may still foil my plan. I will continue to try forever.

What did you do on your long weekend? If you were at some sort of amazing cottage, I'm jealous and don't want to know. Kidding! 

I'm serious. 

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