Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Another living room update (because everything takes me 18 tries)

Now that I finally got that string pendant up...I can share our living room after pics, yay! First, a little back story...

When we walked in to our place for the first time...I thought that the living room was going to be such an easy fix. All it needed was paint, and I'd be done. And even though that's pretty much all we've done to this room, it's taken me three years to get it how I really, really want it.


The living room started off (NOT selected by us) a horrendous tan colour. Who picks colours like that? I guess the same people who buy plaid couches and hang floral quilts all over the walls (and never, ever, three years later, get their mail redirected). 

Anyway, I painted it light grey. I was in a real Sarah Richardson phase at the time (still am, I LOVE Sarah, but I've embraced a little more contrast in our home) and I wanted EVERY room grey at the time. And grey it was, until recently. I loved it. It was light and airy and a great neutral backdrop. time went on, it didn't feel right. I wanted some white. But not just white. And I wanted some black. But not ALL black. So, this is what I ended up with.


I painted the two long walls white, and the two short walls black (the same black that we have in our bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom). I love, love, love it. So much. It's just what I had in mind.




Don't mind our hideous dining room chairs that have been torn to shreds my our cheeky cats Finn and Arthur. One day I hope to have chairs that are hair/scratch/pet/kid proof. 

I do have more to do in this room...those white curtains are going to be replaced with white wooden blinds, or perhaps shutters. I actually like the curtains a lot, but they are not a good option when you have a dog that sheds ten pounds of hair a day, and makes a point of rubbing herself all over those curtains ALL DAY LONG. And I think I want to change out the tv area....but maybe not. I go back and forth.

I love mini-projects like this, they're fun and easy and so quick. And who knows, maybe I'll change this room ten more times. But designing your home is an ever evolving process...that's kind of the fun of it.

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