Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Five Questions /// Saige Wisdom


It's time for another Five Questions post, yay! I hope everyone is enjoying these. I've been getting great feedback and more people are sending in their answers so there are still many in store! This week, we're chatting with the lovely Sara of Saige Wisdom

Sara is one of my blogger BFFs...her blog is a must-read for me. She's a Mom, so she gets the whole Mom thing, and she's HILARIOUS. 


I feel like, if we knew eachother in 'real life', we would be actual BFFs. Right Sara? Right? 

If you're not reading Saige Wisdom, get on it, seriously. Her obsession posts are amazing (and are totally fuelling my bad shopping habit), and her weekly confessions are beyond funny. OH, and she is doing a pretty sweet giveaway right now too.

I was so excited to read her answers, they were of course a good laugh, but it is so great to see how other Moms manage their schedules (or struggle with it, like me) and still get around to blogging time. Have a look! (OH, and follo her blog on Facebook too).


What do you like most about writing your blog? 

There are so many things I love about keeping a blog; it's indescribably satisfying and truth be told it's become a bit of an obsession. Where else can you connect with family, friends and followers, document the happenings of your life AND exercise the right-side of your brain? It's a narcissist's dream come true {not that I would know or anything}.

My day job as a child protection social worker doesn't afford me many opportunities to  unleash my creative side so Saige Wisdom has become an outlet for the wannabe in me. Some days it feels as though my blog is a mini-business and I get to play around with things like branding, marketing, partnerships, etc. - I find it incredibly fun, but then again I've always been a bit odd.

Where do you see you/your blog in the next few years?

Rocking a new colour scheme? I mean yellow and grey are so 2011. And seeing how Gabe won't be a babe anymore I'll probably have to update my blog button and maybe get some new material while I'm at it.

All joking aside, I'd like to make good on my new year's resolution numero uno. Taking better photographs has been a HUGE goal of mine and might add some class to my classless blog. Unfortunately practicing with the Pentax requires me to put down the iPhone which is easier said than done.

How do you find time just for YOU? 

'Me time' is few and far between these days, but if I learned anything from fussy baby #1 it was how to ask for help {the crazier you sound the better}. Now that fussy baby #2 has arrived, both sets of grandparents and some really good friends take turns taking our kids so I can have a few hours each week to catch my breath {and shop online}. I guess I should also give credit to my husband who - when he isn't working ridiculous hours - will take over bath times & bedtimes so me, my Dell and I can get our groove on. 

What’s a typical day in your busy life like? 

I have yet to adopt any sort of schedule/routine which I'm pretty sure the baby experts would agree is my first mistake. I'm kind of a homebody so I intentionally sign the kids up for activities that get us out of the house {and out of our pajamas}. It's important that I pre-pay for said activities otherwise I'll easily talk myself out of going - it's kind of like the gym membership philosophy: I'm more inclined to take them if my bank account is being directly affected.

I imagine my days are fairly typical of most stay-at-home-moms - feed, clean, play, repeat... throw in a soccer practice, play date, load of laundry, medical appointment, grocery shop, blog post, swim lesson, reality tv show and iPhone potty break and you've got yourself a day. 

We're in the process of adding some square footage to our 2 bed, 1 bath home which means I'm wearing the hat of 'general contractor' {not as fun as it sounds} and since my husband is a small business owner, I get to play the part of bookkeeper {not fun at all}.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start a blog/business?

A friend of mine challenged a group of us moms back in 2008 to start a blog for Project 365 - having never even read a blog, I had NO idea what I was signing up for. I totally underestimated how much time and energy a blog would require and if I hadn't fallen truly madly deeply in love with keeping an online journal, I'm pretty certain Saige Wisdom would be in a bloggy graveyard somewhere. 

For what it's worth:

Please don't concern yourself with page views or unique visitors. 

Try not to compare yourself to the 'big girls' who get to call blogging their day job.

Blog because you love it.

Blog because you have a voice worth reading.

The followers will follow. 

Just give it time.

Trust me.

Trust in yourself.


Thanks SO much to Sara for being an awesome blogger, and for sharing with us. You are beyond wise. Also, you're definitely one of my biggest blogger crushes!!

And thanks to everyone else for reading! You can read all of the previous Five Questions posts here. More to come next week!


  1. I loved reading this! You introduced me to Saige Wisdom not too long ago and Sara is awesome. :)

  2. I love Sara, her confessions posts crack me up every week. She would totally be my bestie too if I was still out west! darn it! why didn't I get into this whole blog thing back then?!?!?

  3. We should just write posts back & forth expressing our undying love for each other (cause that would be a must-read - ha!). But seriously thanks for asking me to take part in 5 Questions and saying such nice things... we'd for sure be 'real life' besties if it wasn't for Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba getting in our way. xo

    1. Bah ha ha, well I would read it!! And you're so welcome! If you ever move to Ontario I call dibbs on being you're first bestie.

  4. I love Sara and her blog. "iPhone potty break" made me laugh, then snort, then laugh again. Too funny.

  5. Sara is awesome-- thanks for featuring her blog! I particularly like her tip that people are more inclined to offer help if you sound extra-crazy...I think that is very true!!

    1. You're right, it's SO true!! And I agree, Sara is awesome :)


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