Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer Uniform


Now that I'm home with Ben indefinitely, I plan on spending a lot of time outside with him over the summer. And so, naturally, I need the perfect clothes. Today I was out shopping with one of my BFFs, Emma, and found this dress. It is literally the PERFECT summer outfit for me. Besides the fact that the model is doing a super awesome pose,which sells it on it's own, there are many reasons that I had to buy this, including:
  1. It has stripes. I really like stripes.
  2. It's strapless, so I won't get a weird farmer's tan.
  3. It's not too clingy. I had a baby, I can't do clingy anymore. 
  4. It was dirt cheap. $26. Awesome.
  5. It has pockets. If you show me a dress that has pockets, I will just buy it even if I hate it.
What is your summer uniform? I need more ideas!!

Image via Garage


  1. I love it. I agree, pockets on dresses are the greatest thing ever.
    I wear mostly dresses in the summer - they're more comfortable than pants or shorts, in my opinion.

    1. Totally agree....and way more flattering! I also love buying a dress knowing I'm buying a whole outfit, not just part of one :)

  2. I bought a similar one from F21...but mine doesn't have pockets :(

    1. Nooo!!! Well perhaps you should buy this one too lol ;)


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