Monday, 11 June 2012

The weekend!

How was everyone's weekend? On Saturday I met up with one of my BFFs Rach for a little shopping and a little lunch. SUCH a fun day, as always! 


We went to The 3 Brewer's on Yonge, which is one of my all time favs. Billy and I found this place on our honeymoon in Montreal and have been in love with it ever since. If you're ever there, make sure you order the Panache to drink (it's their blonde beer mixed with sprite, so amazing) and the Bruno Burger (grilled chicken with goat cheese and pesto....oh yes).


We ventured through the Eaton Centre where I tried on about eight thousand black and white tops. It's a sickness. I WANT THEM ALL.


I grabbed the new Temper Trap's really, really good. If you don't know Temper Trap, you may still be familiar with this song. And if it's all new to you, well, you're welcome.

Oh, and I found this dress from Forever 21 ($23!) that I think I'll wear for Billy's birthday which is coming up soon, yayyyy! 

I may have picked up a few pressies for him as well. Can't share those details yet though!

Sunday was all about me and Benjamin. Billy had to work ALL weekend this that's always a drag. But we managed to have some fun just the two of us.


 Play time. Those little farm animals get a lot of use around here.


A little Mom/baby napping. Oh how I love those naps.


Swimming! Just in the kiddie pool, but he was into it.


Waiting for Daddy to come home. He fell asleep, but woke up just in time for Daddy to put him to bed :)


Once Ben was in bed Billy and I finally got to enjoy cold pints and dinner in the backyard...followed by the premier of True Blood. Did anyone else watch? OMG.



  1. it looks like you had a lovely weekend. I used to go to the 3 brewers all the time when I lived in dundas square {just by ryerson}. I love the sprite addition, they do it alot in belgium too and its one of my favorite summer drinks!

    1. Mmm, so good right!? We should get together and go there some time for a drink!!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I love the dress you bought and all those black & white tops!

    1. Somehow I missed this one, so sorry!!! Thank you so much, the dress was great on!

  3. 3 Brewers! Went in MTL and they have the best poutine. Beer battered fries. Omnomnom.

    Also, love the artist who did the Temper Trap album cover:


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