Friday, 27 July 2012

A little kitchen update

Friends, do you ever find that you decide to make a little change somewhere and next thing you know it has dominoed into every room of the house? This is my current predicament. Billy is thrilled.

This is a kitchen update, but it all started with the living room tv stand. I don't like having glass that low in an area that Ben is in a lot, so, it has to go. And then, once I started to think about it, the same is true of our coffee table. And the dining table is taking up too much space, and the kitchen table is too high/awkward to really feed Ben at....the list goes on for about a mile. Anyway, it's going to be baby steps, and some of my future-to-be-won lottery winnings that I feel I have already spent in my head. But, this is what having a home is all about, making it perfect for you and your family, right? Kind of wish I had Ben BEFORE we did the layout around here...but oh well...

Anyway, where our awkward kitchen table is concerned, Kijiji came to the rescue. The other day I saw this really cute set on there, a round white wood table with 6 chairs for $100. YES! I was so excited. I was really inspired by the style of Danish spindle chairs like this and this because they seemed kind of timeless and kid-friendly, and are surprisingly comfortable. I took a quick walk over to check the set out, and next thing you know I had purchased it and become BFFs with the sweet older couple who was selling them. Bill and Mary-Lou, I miss you guys! If you follow me on Instagram then this is old news, but such is the way of the social media cycle these days. 



It' not 100% perfect, it's pretty old but it feels sturdy and I like that we don't have to treat it like it's all perfect and new (preparing for when Ben draws all over it). Oh, and I did find that a lot of the sets on kijiji had been painted white by the owners, unlike this set which was purchased white initially. Always a good question to ask, people rarely paint wood well (myself included) unless they have it professionally sprayed. Yes, I'm pretty particular.

We put three chairs in the basement for now since we don't really need them out, but it's SO nice having a table that's a good height with Ben's high chair. So happy!

Now, back the never ending list. I think we may be having a garage sale later this summer to get rid of a LOT of extra things we have piled up downstairs...the dining room chairs need to go, coffee table, sideboard, etc. If anyone is interested in buying any of them please drop me a line!!! 


  1. The table looks great. Sidenote, I love your floors!

    1. Thank you!!!! They're not actually in the greatest shape, ha ha, but I like them anyway!


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