Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Billy's Birthday and a little surprise!

After we went to Cassie's grad, and had a great day at my cousin's wedding, we had a night out on the town to celebrate Billy's birthday. What a weekend!


I failed as a wife and neglected to take pictures. I'm SORRY! I was tired and a little bit tipsy from my two pints. But, we had a great time with our best friends, and Billy was spoiled with pressies, including tickets to The Black Keys, The Jays, tattoo gift cards, and a Jays jersey that he's pretty excited about. Lucky guy he is!


We also got to celebrate some news that we can now finally share....our very very closest friends Mike and Emma are GETTING MARRIEDDDDDD!!!!!


Billy and Mike have been friends for about 63765 years, and I met Mike the same night that Billy and I first met. Over the past seven years he's become one of my best friends, and I love him even more ever since he brought Emma into our lives who is THE BEST. 

I was lucky enough to help Mike pick out the most beautiful ring for her, and I can't wait to watch these two get married. They are not only amazing friends to Billy and I, but they adore Ben and treat him like their own family. He's so lucky to have them and Auntie Em and Uncle Mike. Ok, I have to stop, I'm getting all choked up.

I just want to say once again happy birthday Billy! I love with more than anything ever (except Ben, who ties with you). And congrats Mike and Emma, we love you guys! 

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