Thursday, 23 August 2012

2012 Ikea Favs under $100

Has everyone devoured their Ikea catalogues? Spoiler alert, if you haven't, look away! Look away!

I spent last night reading mine cover to cover. Things I've learned: 1) Ikea is awesome, 2) black and white is here to stay, and 3) I have some serious Ikea shopping to do.

I thought I'd throw together a little collection of my favourites from the current line that are all under $100. So many amazing finds and everything is so affordable! Ok, maybe not when you buy all of it, but who looks at the final amount on the receipt anyway? Not me! (Sometimes I hope my sarcasm comes through in stuff like this, of not everyone must think I'm quite a piece of work).

Anyway, here we go! Let me know if there are any others that you found that you love!

  1. Vilmie Rund Throw. I have this, have for a while, and it's my favourite throw of all. Just love it.
  2. Tripp Container Set of 3. Um, I have to have this. Why didn't I see this when I was last there? 
  3. Tradclover Fabric. I always buy my fabric from either Etsy or Ikea. I buy it even when I don't have a project to do, just because it's awesome. I need some of this stuff. Lovely.
  4. Lappljung Ruta pillow. I DID buy this last time I was at Ikea and I'm so happy I did. It's a great size and so soft!
  5. Ungdom Tea Cups. Love these! I may have to buy a whole set.
  6. Snack Serving Bowl. I'd like to have a stack of these in my kitchen.
  7. Snack Small Bowls. I already have a stack of these that I use for paint, ha ha, but they are also the perfect size for little snacks.
  8. Nasvis Candle Holders. I'm not actually a fan of having lots of candles, but these are so simple. These would be great for our new kitchen table.
  9. Ikea PS 2012 Wall Lamp. Oh this lamp is perfect.
  10. Singla Bag. Less than $2! Love it.
  11. Tvablad Cirkel Bedding. I can't really go to Ikea without buying new bedding, so this will be the next set. It's just a must.
  12. Eivor Pillow. I've debated getting this before but now I know, yes, indeed, I must have it.
  13. Eivor Throw. I have this already too and I love it so much. Perfect for our bedroom, and, well, everywhere else.


  1. Dammit! where's my catalogue???? I read all of this anyway. I couldn't "look away".......

  2. Oh my goodness! Ikea is kind of the great store ever! I love it so much!


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