Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Benjamin's Fifteenth Monthly Photo


Sorry folks, there were zero smiles during this photo session. I am slightly worried that ALL future monthly pics are going to resemble this. Hopefully by the time he's two he won't have mastered any cheeky hand gestures, otherwise that could very well be what we see in that last 24th picture. 

The last few weeks with Ben have been a mix of great times and really tough times. Many nights where teething makes it impossible for him to sleep. Lots of extra cuddles, lots of extra time in the big bed (which is where every baby wants to be according to the wise Honest Toddler). But, for the most part, he's a pretty happy little man. Just love that face, even if it's not a smiley one.


  1. I know lots of parents complain about it, but I wish my twins would join us in the big bed. The only time they will go near it, is if they see a chance to jump and wrestle on it. As for cuddling, snuggling, and sleeping? They want nothing to do with it. For them, their cribs are the only place for sleep. It makes travel quite a challenge.

    1. Oh I can imagine! Ben would sleep all night, every night in the big bed if he could, ha ha, so I guess that's a good thing. I know, people complain so much, but I honestly love every minute of it. I used to say (before he got here) that I would NEVER do it, but that very first night in the hospital he wouldn't sleep for a second unless he was laying with me, so I caved pretty quickly, ha ha.


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