Monday, 13 August 2012

Living room and dining room update

A little while ago we made a run to Ikea to grab a few things we needed to change up the living/dining rooms, and I LOVE how it turned out! Nothing major here, just a few new bits and pieces.


New textiles, new side table and coffee table (glass free, unlike the old one). And the little Ikea stool thingy that I've wanted forever.


The dining table has been put away to leave tons of room for Ben to play in. I also created a little work area for me, which is great for when I need to do a little bit of paperwork or add a quick layer to a painting. I also have more storage now for my paints/brushes/etc.



And you may notice that I got my Gran pillow the other day. LOVE. So happy I got it.


It's my goal in life to own everything from Fine Little Day. I feel like it's a pretty good life goal.

I still have more work to do in this room. I want to replace the current artwork with a HUGE set of three to span the entire southern wall, and I want to take down the curtains and replace them with nice tidy white wooden slat blinds. Oh, and we need a new tv unit too (without glass). I had wanted this one, but they changed it to this. Not a fan. Here's hoping the new Ikea catalogue comes soon and has something awesome. 

I hate having to break these projects up into bits and pieces, but I also know it's the patient grown up thing to do (greaaaaat).

Has anyone else been working on little updates in your homes? I need more inspiration!


  1. OH Adriane, will you please just come and decorate my house now? Mine needs a complete overhaul! All of a sudden I look around and my vintage approach which I loved so much before (& still) looks so dated. I want a nice mix of modern and vintage. It's tough to find though sometimes. Help?

    1. Ha ha, I would LOVE to! Don't worry, I went through that phase too, I always change what I'm into. I think a mixture is the best look anyway, so just factor in some cool modern pieces and go slow! I think the biggest concern with vintage is having too much...there are a million cool vintage things and we want them all, ha ha. Just pick your favs and get rid of some others, that's what I did!

  2. I love the new look!

  3. I'm already hearing that some people have their new catalogue!

  4. This looks fantastic lady!!
    I want the black and white ikea pillow on your couch!!

    1. Oh you should get it, it's my absolute favourite new Ikea item.


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