Thursday, 16 August 2012

Non-stop Benjamin

I thought I'd share a little update on Ben...I know my Mom and Billy's Mom probably scroll through all this other junk just waiting for a Ben pic, so here's one!


Benjamin is go-go-go these days. I find that he gets irritated when we're sitting for too long during mealtimes or when I'm out running errands and he's in the stroller. Most of the day I try to let him just be on the floor, exploring, walking, playing, etc. That's where it's at, as far as he's concerned.

We're in a pivotal moment right now, and we're pretty sure that he's going to start doing all kinds of new things soon. He's so close to talking (lots of babbling and things he believes are words, but no real ones yet - FYI his current favourite 'word' is 'Gop'). 

He's almost walking on his own, still using his walkers and furniture and just kind of letting go here and there as a fluke. 

His sleeping patterns are still crazy. Last night he woke up at 11:30 and didn't get back into his sleep for soooo loooong. I think a lot of it is my fault, I'm that horrible Mom who rocks her baby to sleep, Billy and I both have just always done that, so he needs us to sleep. But, we didn't know any better, and so, it is what it is.  

Next week we're having a little play date with my friend Corinne and her little man Jackson, and we're SO EXCITED. Ben is a little weird with other kids, but I think he'll be great with a younger baby. He seems to be pretty shy, and he's a little startled by kids who run around and yell a lot, ha ha. We're working on that, we go to the library a lot where there is always a few kids, so hopefully he'll get over it eventually. For now, we just have to have a little crying fit here and there when a kid freaks him out.

He's getting more adventurous when it comes to food, which has been a challenge for us. Not so much with flavours, but with textures. It might be because I nursed exclusively for 6 months, but getting Ben into chewing has been tough (yes, still). But, the past while has been pretty awesome, so we're getting there.

As far as the days go, I feel like we spend most of our time doing meals, cleanup, naps, with the occasional outing here and there. And while he naps I read other blogs and get really depressed about how awesome everyone else is at being a Mom. 

Do any Mom's out there have any good advice/tips on what sort of things I can do with Ben at this stage, or anything else for that matter? I need all the help I can get!


  1. We have a 19 month old and go to our local park a lot. There is also an elementary school nearby he loves. We haven't gone yet but you might want to try your local fire station to see the big trucks, swimming pool, visit a local farm to see the animals or the zoo. And farmers markets. Would love to hear more ideas.

  2. Ben and Everleigh are only a year apart but that year seems like so long ago to me now. I say go with whatever works for you. At about a year I was having trouble with Ever waking in the night and NOT settling down unless I did it for her. It was a 3 night horror show but I decided that I'd just let her cry. No picking her up but she was allowed to cuddle in bed. She didn't need milk to get back to sleep and she was sleeping beside me in my bed so she didn't need comfort. 3 nights of crying until she realized that I wasn't going to do cartwheels to help her back to sleep. She sleeps the entire night now.

    1. Ugh, one day I hope to get there! I've tried letting Ben cry sometimes but I cave, I hope he gets more independent with sleep soon :(

  3. First of all, I think you're an AWESOME mom for rocking Ben to sleep and for always being there for him when he needs help drifting off to sleep. You have to do what works for your family and what feels right. He's not going to need you to rock him when he's 16, so just enjoy the cuddles while you can get them!

    Have you checked out your local Ontario Early Year's Centre? There is lots of great programming and drop-in stuff (and it's free!).

    1. Aw thank you so much :) as much as it seems draining and hard at times, helping him get to sleep has always just seemed like the right thing to do!!!

      There is one of those centres kind of near me, but I don't go very often. I will look into it more, great thinking!!

  4. First of all - stop reading the blogs that are making you feel inadequate. You seem like an amazing mom!

    I try to get out as much as possible to the park and drop-ins so Leo can be with other kids. It's nice for me to get out too to chat with moms in the neighbourhood. Most of the community things are free which is a bonus.

    1. Ha ha, you are so right Stephanie!!!

      And I feel the same, I LOVE chatting with other Moms, only other Moms understand our woes!!


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