Monday, 10 September 2012

Dear Ben


Today started out really tough. You were so tired and ready for a nap by 9:00 am, but after many, MANY attempts it wasn't until 12:30 pm that I was able to get you down. And you woke up 10 minutes later, furious and in tears. As it turned out, I held you while you slept for an hour and a half, then brought you into our room. And here you sleep still.

I get frustrated, because it seems so hard sometimes. But, as I held you I kissed your tiny warm cheeks and remembered that I should be so, so thankful for every second, hard or not, that I have you. I love you sweet Ben, oh how I love you. I am so lucky to be your Mom.


  1. This is such a beautiful picture - I wish I could give you a solution to Ben's sleeping issues.....hopefully once his teeth break through his wee sore gums, it will be better.

  2. stop it! you'll ruin my mascara... wait I'm not wearing any, but still.
    I've attempted a Dear Saige, Dear Gabe of my own and can't get past the first sentence without bawling.
    our lawyer says we should write a 'good-bye' letter just in case to go with our will as the legal document doesn't bring much comfort.
    easier said than done.
    one days like the one you described I try to hold on to my sister's favourite quote, "this too shall pass".


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