Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fam at the Pier

Who doesn't love a good outpouring of Ben pictures? If you're already rolling your eyes, this post is NOT for you!

peirdaysep12 (47)2

Cutest teeth ever, right?

peirdaysep12 (36)

I always tell Billy that our Pier reminds me of Dawson's Creek, and then proceed to sing the theme song out loud in public, while Billy shakes his head, mortified.

peirdaysep12 (27)

peirdaysep12 (48)

peirdaysep12 (18)

Can you see that in the above picture Ben is actually quite irritated? It's only part of a smile, he's really pissed at me.

peirdaysep12 (32)

A rainbow!

peirdaysep12 (35)

Wait. No. It's a DOUBLE RAINBOW! (Yes, we did the double rainbow guy thing the rest of the afternoon. If you don't know it, youtube it.)

peirdaysep12 (40)

Sleepy babe.

peirdaysep12 (51)2

peirdaysep12 (59)

This was my far Ben's favourite area. I think he thought they were drums.

peirdaysep12 (11)

Circa 2005 Myspace-style Billy & Age pic! But with a prettier background and there are no drunk roommates in the background. And I look about 60 years older. Greaaat.

peirdaysep12 (6)2

My boys :)


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  1. Oh my word - those little teeth!! Seriously - so, so cute. His little grin totally lit up my night :)


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