Saturday, 22 September 2012

Songza - One of my favourite new apps

When I first started playing with my new iPad Billy mentioned an amazing app that I needed to download called Songza. Friends, I'm in love.


Are you using this? It's not iPad specific, meaning you iPhone users can get in on the Songza action too, but it's the greatest music app I've come across. You choose music based on different times of day, occasions, moods, and you can search by genre or artist...then you choose a pre-made playlist and just start listening! So long radio, Songza is now playing here all day, every day!a_sig2


  1. Oh more thing I have to learn to get on my brain hurts.

  2. It's also not Apple specific! I have it on my Android, and I listen to it pretty much all day at work on my computer ( Love Songza!

  3. I'm downloading this right now. thanks mama!


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