Tuesday, 23 October 2012

H&M Playhouse

Why can't everything that I want to buy just be at Walmart and on some sort of awesome sale? That would be too easy.

I want to buy/make Ben a little playhouse for Christmas...and I want this one SO BADLY.
UNICEF children's clothes at H&M. Playhouse, £34.99
Of course, it's through H&M Home which is not even in the US yet, let alone way up here in Canada with the igloos. Ugh. 

So, I'm hoping that someone I know somewhere can track one of these down for me...otherwise I'll have to make something myself. I don't want one of those over-the-kitchen-table jobies. So, we'll see. 

Side note: There should be a website where you can post things you want that are not available in your country and some good samaritan somewhere agrees to buy it for you and ship it to you. Sure, it would be on some sort of honour system and people would get scammed by the thousands, but MAYBE it would work sometimes, and that would be amazing. 

UPDATE - A truly kind, sweet lady who reads my blog bought one of these for me and had it sent to Canada. Read this amazing,y kind story here :)

Image via The Guardian


  1. Aunt Eithne is going into Belfast tomorrow and will look. If there is a shop there, I'll work some Christmas magic......

  2. that is amazing i love this! let me see what i can do! i secretly want one for me too...and I mean "me" not "j" haha

    1. Aw, Ana, how sweet of you to try! If you somehow pull that off I will be forever indebted to you! And I'll foot the shipping bill for us both :)

  3. Oh my word!!! I bought this for my daughter today, it's so cuteπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— . I live in England and if you would put ur trust in me I would ship one of these to u for no extra charge just the price of the playhouse plus shipping. I know it's hard to trust these days. But I have three children and I know what it's like to want something for them. And maybe some day they maybe some I want where u are.

    1. Nikki, how sweet of you to offer this!!! My Mom is trying to get our relatives to locate one, but if that doesn't work I would LOVE to take you up on your offer! Maybe email me your contact info just in case! adriane.duckworth@gmail.com and thank you again!!! :)

  4. Sorry that's maybe something I want where u are!

  5. You are a lucky girl Adriane! I've been wanting this playhouse so bad for months. I've tried ebay and similar sites with no luck :(
    I was googling it right now to see if it became available and it lead me to your awesome blog. Now I'm following and through instagram too!
    Nikki is a wonderful human being.
    Happy New Year!



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