Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy 25th Mom and Dad!

Today my Mom and Dad celebrate their 25th anniversary. 25 YEARS. My heroes.


I was lucky enough to get to be at their wedding, and it was such an amazing day. They were married on Halloween, and no, they didn't have a whole theme wedding as you can see (nor are they particularly gothic, ha ha) but it was my favourite Halloween of all.

My parents met in high school, though they didn't start dating until years later. Watching them together as a kid, and even now, I've never known a pair of people more perfect for each other. They are the couple that even after 25 years can stay up all night, listening to Bob Dylan, drinking guinness/vodka, talking about shows they've been too and places they've been until the sun comes up. Oh yes, they fight, and they've had some epic battles (anyone who says they don't fight is lying, and if they really don't, well that's boring). But at the end of the day, being there for eachother is top priority. 

They taught me that relationships, and family, are all being on the same side. Even when you kind of hate each're a team. And not the whole family, but the two who chose to spend their lives together. That meant being a united front as parents, which I can see now is so important. But most importantly, they are each others very best friends. 

Happy 25th anniversary Mom and Dad, you two are my favourites. Thanks for being awesome parents. Love you guys.

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  1. And you, my girl, are a wonderful daughter. We are so proud of you and love you very much.


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