Thursday, 8 November 2012

Benjamin - Eighteen Months!


Benjamin is a mover, as all toddlers are, and so his monthly pics will likely always look like this until this little project is over. Not gonna lie, I won't miss it. I know I'll be thankful I did it, but what a pain! Toddlers and posed photos do not mix. Also, sorry for  his hair. It's in a weird mullet stage which is actually really cute but on this particular day wasn't at it's finest, and when you get him in that chair, hair is the least of your concerns. 

At eighteen months Ben is hilarious, cranky, kind, crazy smart, and a handful to say the least. But a really, really great handful. He is talking up a storm...recent favourite words include 'skunk' and 'greaaaat' with a sarcastic tone which he hears Billy and I say all the time. He says 'please' a LOT because he has figured out that it will get him something. Cheeky buggar. He's shy as ever which I think is really sweet. He gives a kiss if you ask for it (and if he's in the mood). All in allhe's pretty awesome. Love that kid.a_sig2


  1. He's adorable! I love that he knows that saying Please will get him something!

  2. i love his happy smile!!

  3. Such a heart melting smile! I love that one of his words of the moment is "skunk" lol

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