Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Living room changes

Did anyone get any crazy black Friday sales? It just so happened that we found a CRAZY deal on a tv at Best Buy, so we picked one up to replace the one in our living room which will now move to our bedroom. We haven't had a tv in our room for ages, and I'm pretty excited to watch Christmas specials curled up in bed this year! Yay! 

I've been wanting to replace the tv stand in our living room for a while now. We need more storage in that room badly, and I wanted something white (duh). 


This is how it is now. I do like it a lot, but there's almost no storage, so it's just not working. There is also glass in those little doors, and this tends to be a main play area for Ben, so it makes me really nervous.

This weekend we're planning on picking up this wall unit from Ikea and getting the new tv all set up. As you can see, there is WAY more storage. YES.

5418462023291772_ijWd7AQ7_c (1)
I'm so excited to have a better space for my magazine collection and all the little bits and pieces that end up all over my desk in the living room. I'll be sure to share a pic when it's all done!

Billy tv unit image via Ikea


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